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Program Detail
Program Name: P-BAA-MO 
Semester Name: Fall 2017 
Location: SunnyU Culture and Education Center 
Teacher: Mingyan Cui 
Teacher Email: 
Time: Mon:7:30 PM~9:00 PM 
Teacher Description: Ming-Yan Davis, born in Beijing, China, graduated from Beijing Dance Academy and performed with National Ballet of China Beijing. In 1986, she moved to United States, studied with the Martha Graham School of Dance in New York, and then moved to the Chicago area. Ming taught at Joel Hall Dance for 2 years and at Campbell's Dance Studio in Lincolnshire for 7 years. She has been a ballet dance instructor at Jenny's Dance Center for 14 years. In addition, she is teaching at Terry's Dance studio in St. Charles and Chinese school. During summer, she is teaching International Dance Workshop in China, Italy and U.S. Ming is looking forward to working with SunnyU Performing Arts Group on ballet class. 崔明燕来自中国北京,从北京舞蹈学院毕业后,在中央芭蕾舞团任专职芭蕾舞蹈演员。1986年来美,在纽约的the Martha Graham School of Dance进行深造。之后来到芝加哥地区,首先在Joel Hall Dance授课两年,然后又在Campbell's Dance Studio授课七年。现在任教于Jenny's Dance Center教授芭蕾舞蹈课程并已经有14年了。同时她还任教于Terry's Dance studio和中文学校。夏季为国际舞蹈工作室巡回授课于中国,意大利和美国之间。崔明燕老师将在SunnyU开设芭蕾舞蹈课程。 
Program Description: Ballet for Adults III 
Tuition: 315.00 
OtherPrice: 0.0